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POPULO Batik 2014 - 2015 inspiration

Posted by populoridoarta on December 15, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Our new collection for 2014 - 2015 is strongly inspired by traditional Indonesian heritage batik:

Heritage inspiration: The Kawung motive is one of the oldest Indonesian batik pattern and belongs to the forbidden royal designs. It usually shows the cross section of four oval aren-palm fruits seeds. It is said that the cross section in between the seeds represents god in the centre of the universe and its four sources of energy:

1) East is the direction of sunrise = symbol of life source.

2) North is the mountain=  symbol of gods’ dwelling and place of spirit / death.

3) West is the direction of sunset = symbol of upcoming luck

4) South is the zenith = symbol of the peak of everything.

This motif represents the hope that the user is given strength to rule well and have a meaningful life, like the palm tree that is useful for everyone from the root to the leaf. 

There are many variations of the original design but all of them have the basic structure in common which features four circles or ovals nearly touching each other.

Our hand stamped black and white „Kawung“ motive shows four round circles touching each other which build a centre (star) cross in the middle alternately in black or white.

Our hand stamped „Kawung isi“ motive places four oval seed circles next to three oval seed circles. Both seed circles touches each other and build up a cross centre. At the same time they also create a center within their own circle. The four oval seeds create a star while the three oval seeds create a triangle which stands for good fortune, harmony, wisdom and understanding. But three is also the number of time:

Past -  Present - Future

Birth - Life - Death

Beginning  - Middle - End.

Therefore the crossing section of our Kawung isi pattern reflects not only the universe itself but also ist timelessness.

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