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About Us

POPULO Batik adresses itself to anyone who loves traditional handcrafted workmanship. Our individual products are limited by its handmade manufacturing processes and no mass market products. We work together with small workshops in Indonesia and it is important for us that during the production process we can maintain a sustainable, fair and eco-friendly supply chain.

In our workshop you can see and try on our latest collections. At the same time you have the option to order your personal POPULO Batik pieces. We help you to choose motives, decide the best material, find the right colours and your matching style out of our collection and your own ideas become part of the creative design process.

A traditional royal court pattern called "Slobok" reinterpreted by POPULO Batik in handdrawn "Batik Tulis" method.

POPULO Batik showroom and workshop in Jakarta.

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