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POPULO Batik collaboration with Tobias Vetter and Viktor Leske

Collaboration project 20th anniversary POPULO

Nowadays the fashion market is longing for more individual, handmade and exlusively crafted products as the big market players have problems to differentiate their brand image from each other and consumers lost interest in luxury goods which became mass products.

Individual „Bespoke“ products offer customers the individuality they are looking for. POPULO Batik even ask them to be part of the design process and provide them a deep understanding of the manufacturing processes as well the background knowledge of designing the product so that the customer can experience all steps within designing and producing their orders.

Another idea to develop individual products are collaboration projects with other creative people. These concepts are based on true partnerships where we create together Batik clothes which than are offered to an exclusive circle or communities.

Due to our 20th anniversary POPULO Batik will launch the collection together with both artists on 9th July 2014 during Berlin Fashion Week. During the launch a fashion movie by Spanish film maker Arturo M. Steele and a photo shoot by Russian photographer Vitali Gelwich will be presented.





Tobias Vetter is a tattoo artist who has his clinic like studio within Viktor Leske’s salon’s. His craftsmanship is inspired by architecture, contemporary art and photography and the minimal yet gloomy work is influenced by the late 19th century tattooing, traditional engravings and occult art.

The Tobias Vetter design features his motives of an umbrella, a pipe, a knife, a bottle, a bell to mention a few. The background motive is inspired by the traditional Javanese Alasalasan pattern which has been transfered into veins. Veins act as tree of life of humans where the blood runs through and is closely connected to tattoo art.

Viktor Leske is a Berlin based hair stylist who is known for his arty, creative approach in hair styling which attracts the most exciting and energetic crowd of Berlin and its visitors. His name became famous even outside of Germany with international celebrities dropping by whenever they are in town.

The Viktor Leske Design features a comb and a vintage hair scissor which are positioned like a „V“ for Viktor. Both designs were drawn by the tattoo artist Tobias Vetter. The third motive is Viktor Leske’s logo. All three pattern are positioned in a row and create a symmetrical „V“ all-over pattern. The background motive is the traditional Javanese court pattern called „Grinsing“ which means = no illness. It was used to protect children against illnesses and symbolizes the fish skin.

POPULO Batik 2014 collection

POPULO Batik 2013 - 2014 collection

POPULO Batik 2013 collection

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