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Collection Handdrawn Batik

Handdrawn Batik are the finest art in Batik making and usually called "Batik Tulis". Here we show you our Masterpiece Collection of high quality handdrawn Batik in fine Cotton or Silk. For one piece of cloth sized 210 x 100 cm, we need depending on the pattern and colours between 6 - 12 month production time. If the cloth is drawn in the traditional way on both sides the manufacturing time will double.

The "Slobok" pattern is an old motive from the royal court of Yogya and has been used when somebody dies. We have redesigned this classic pattern with shadowing effects to enforce the symbolic strength and used traditional Asian mourning colours of navy and white.

This hand drawn Masterpiece "Soblok blocking stripes" is a modern interpretation of the classic Slobok pattern. It took 4 month to draw one side and 8 month to finsih with the backside. This is a real piece of art.

This handdrawn motive is called "Sisik Ikan" or fish skin. It is filled with finer lines and was commonly use as a protective cloth.

This handdrawn Batik features different geometric pattern with traditional Javanese fillings. These fillings usually build up the ground of a Batik cloth and are just dots (Titik), strokes (Ukel) or rice pattern (Beras).

The pattern shows a classic Indonesian batik design of 'Beras Utah' which means spilled out rice. It reflects the hope for a good harvest and stand for the beginning. On the other side you see blossoming flowers which symbolize the beauty of the youth and grown up. At the background far behind you see Western inspired birds flying away into the unknown future. For Western cultures navy and white is a typical nautic theme while in Asian culture these are the colours of mourning. The cloth stand for the endless circle of life unifying Western and Eastern heritage.

This cloth features butterflies in various sizes each filled with traditional small Indonesian heritage pattern. The butterfly is a popular Chinese influenced motive which symbolise frequent unexpected visitors and therefore stand for friendship and strong relationship.

Colourful flower motives have been used in the Northern Javanese areas where they usually just had decorative use but no deep meaning. These pattern from the coastal region were often influenced by overseas cultures as people got in contact with traders from around the world.

Classical floral all over motive in brown silk.

"Kebon Bunga" (Garden flowers" featuring flowers designed by simple lines in different length and boldness, placed chaotic to create a blooming garden. This hand drawn cloth is available in navy, sky blue, sun yellow and a mix of different hues of brown and beige.

Kebon Bunga (Garden flowers) on creape silk

Digital rose flowers created by simple lines on silk.

Digital flowers created by simple circle lines on silk.


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